FAQS for Bath Recycling Skips:

There is an additional charge for the following items:

Fridges (small/under-counter)
(£30 +VAT)

Fridges/Freezers (larger/freestanding)
(£35 +VAT)

Single Mattress
(£35 +VAT)

Double Mattress
(£45 +VAT)

TV/ Monitors
(£30 +VAT)

Car Tyres
(£20 +VAT)

Lorry Tyres
(£40 +VAT)

(£65 +VAT)

(£40 +VAT)

Foam Items (office chairs/cushions/other upholstered seating)
(£20 +VAT)

Kitchen Appliances – Cooker, washing machine, dishwasher, microwave etc.
(£10 +VAT per item)

We DO NOT accept the following:

  • Paint tins
  • Fluorescent light tubes
  • Containers of chemicals
  • Gas bottles or fire extinguishers

We have a very small lorry which can deliver a 2 yard and 3.5 yard skip. The small lorry is roughly the size of a transit van so it can be a good option when access is tight. Please specify this on the booking.

For our large lorries we need more than 3 metres clearance with space to maneuver as well. Please take in to account over hanging trees and low power lines as these can interfere with the arms of the lorries.

Our roll on/roll off skips are not suitable for properties with restricted access.

It is important to leave the skips where they are placed when delivered. Please refrain from dragging skips around when they are empty as they may end up in an inaccessible position when we come to collect it.

If you require a skip on the road you will need to request a road permit.

We can apply for one on your behalf, please allow 5 working days for the permit to be approved. The cost of a new licence is £130 +VAT.

If the skip is to be placed in a parking bay you will need to suspend the bay directly with BANES council for which there is an additional charge, this can be via their website.

Depending on availability we can deliver and collect the skip the same day. In these cases the skip must be delivered in the morning to allow you time to fill it.

Alternatively we can offer a wait/load service. This allows you 30 minutes to load the skip whilst the driver waits.

Unfortunately we are not open at the weekends. However we can deliver a skip last thing on Friday and collect it first thing on Monday.

Our hire period is strictly 2 weeks. If we do not hear from you before the 2 week deadline, the skip can be entered in for automatic collection.

If the skip is required for a longer period of time there is a charge of £45 +VAT per week past the 2 week deadline.